Third   Grade


               Terramar Elementary


Dear Families~

Welcome to Terramar!  The 3rd grade team is excited about the upcoming school year.  We look forward to watching your child learn and grow as the year progresses.  We anticipate a year full of challenging and fun learning experiences. The 3rd grade team is committed to reaching each child's individual learning needs.  We have already met several times this summer to start planning together to create a supportive and safe environment for all of our students.  It is our belief that students perform best when they take an active role in their own learning.   We encouraqe students to be independent and creative problem solvers and appreciate your help, parents, in making this possible!

In this handbook, you will find the classroom expectations, our homework policy, how birthdays are handled, a class schedule, and other general information about our school community.  Please refer to this handbook throughout the year for any questions you may have.  Please go over this handbook with your child.  Once you have done so, sign and return the attached form to your teacher.

Terramar Curriculum Night for 3rd grade will be posted on our website and written on your child’s Homework Machine.At this time, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the third grade goals and objectives, as well as, with general classroom routines.  

Again, we look forward to getting to know all of you and sharing our passion for teaching and learning.  Experiences show that building a strong connection between students, parents, teachers, and the community leads to success and growth.



Ms. Benson, Mrs. Keyes, Miss Coen, and Miss. Zukowski


Classroom Schedule     (more details will be given at Curriculum Night)

8:15 - 8:30:




8:45 – 9:45:

Spelling / Walk To Read

9:45 – 10:15:

Writing Block

10:15 – 11:00:

11:00- 11:40:

Recess First / Lunch Second

Read Aloud 

11:45 – 12:00:

12:00 – 1:00:

Science / Social Studies

1:00 – 2:00:

2:00 – 2:15:


Specials ~ Dismissed from Specials



Parent Communication 

Communication between parents and teachers is essential to the success of children.  Each day students will bring home a Weekly Homework & Behavior Calendar with Reading Log.  This is where students record and store their daily homework and any other communication from school. It is very important that parents go through their child's folder each night, initial that it has been seen and reviewed, and is returned to school each day.  Consequences for non-return and lack of initials will occur.

Other forms of communication will consist of website, phone calls, emails, and handwritten notes. Parents should feel comfortable contacting teachers at all times.  Please note that calls made to the classroom will go straight to voicemail during the school day.  Email is the best way to reach your teacher.



Birthdays can be celebrated at school. Treats can be dropped off at the classroom before school or during school hours.  Please bring single serving items, such as cupcakes, cookies, or popsicles (a great treat during HOT month birthdays!).  NO CAKES, please!  All treats do need to be store bought and sealed.  Homemade treats will be refused by the office. Your teacher will notify you when summer birthdays will be celebrated. Your child's teacher will inform all parents regarding any food allergies in the class.


Homework Policy

Homework is given nightly, Monday-Thursday.  Homework is due the following day (unless otherwise specified). In the Homework Machine (located in the red binder), your child will record the daily/weekly Homework and keep track of his/her daily minutes of reading.  These are to help keep your child organized with his/her assignments.  Homework will be an extension of our classroom learning, and should not be new material to your child.  Please monitor your child's homework to make sure he/she is doing the best work possible.  In addition to nightly homework, 3rd graders will complete one book report and/or project per quarter.  Additional smaller projects may also be sent home periodically.



Please refer to your Power Schools account to keep track of your child's grades. If you misplace or forget your password to log on to Power Schools, you must come to the Terramar Office and show a picture ID to receive a new one.  Teachers do not have access to your Power School Password.  We input grades into the system as fast as we can!  Patience is appreciated, as we give priority to providing challenging lessons in the classroom each day.



Our 3rd grade day is filled with projects and assignments, however, not every
single thing is graded.  We grade assignments that we feel best reflects the curriculum standard that we are teaching at the time.  In 3rd grade,
students will be evaluated using the following system:

97-100% = A+                       93-96% = A                   90-92% = A-
87-89% = B+                         83-86% = B                  80-82% = B-
77-79% = C+                         73-76% = C                  70-72% = C-
67-69% = D+                         63-66% = b                   60-62% = D-
59% or below = F


*Grades are based on a point system.  For example, if a student receives 14/15 on a Math Quiz, that is equivalent to 93%.




Behavior Goals


Our goal is to provide a classroom community where children feel comfortable expressing themselves positively and responsibly.  Our goals, or rules, for third graders are as follows:


     Be responsible.  This includes completing work on time, staying on task, following directions the first time, and taking care of personal and classroom materials.

     Be respectful.  This means being kind to others, listening to your teacher and classmates, raising your hand, waiting to be called on, etc.

     Be fair.  This includes being honest, sharing, and including others.

     Be safe.  This means keeping our hands and feet to ourselves, walking in the classroom and on the sidewalks, etc.


To achieve these goals, we use a behavior system based on clearly established choices and consequences.  This behavior system is based on a 5-step process:


     1.  Verbal warning

     2.  Teacher records the infraction in the student notebook using appropriate letter/number explanation and places on top of desk.

     3.  Student goes to buddy classroom or serves lunch detention.

     4.  Teacher Assigned Detention (after school) / Parent Conference

     5.  Referral to the office- parent will be contacted if student reaches this step.


Two warnings or less per week will earn “Fun Friday” time.  Three warnings during a one-week period will result in loss of “Fun Friday” time.


Everyday your child will bring home his/her three ring notebook. Inside the notebook is a homework, reading, and behavior log (Homework Machine). In order for your child to receive his/her reward of “Fun Friday” time, the notebook must be signed daily and returned to school the next morning.  We have found this to be an invaluable tool to communicate the strengths and needs of our students with parents.


Thank you very much for your support!


3rd GradeTeacherContact List



Mrs. Keyes                   Room 128          623-445-7652


Ms. Benson                   Room 124           623-445-7649



Miss Coen                         Room 122      623-445-7647


Ms. Zukowski               Room 126           623-445-7651


*It is important that our learning time is not interrupted. Phone calls made to the classrooms during school hours go straight to voicemail.  If you need to get a message to your child before the end of the school day, please call the office and our office staff will give us the message or e-mail us. Thanks!

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We have read the Third Grade Handbook and understand the expectations for the school year.  We look forward to an exciting year together as a learning community!



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